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Keep your business competitive,

sustainable and compliant.

Our award-winning software enables firms to define, design and deliver strategic transformation and sustainability goals.

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Simplifying change management across all industries

Regtick's flexible and adaptable design makes it suitable for firms of all sizes and industries, ensuring seamless project management across diverse sectors

Manage ESG Compliance


Set and attain ESG goals and monitor progress with comprehensive metrics

Collaborate on Financial Services Compliance

Finance & Insurance

Simplify compliance with complex regulations and retain evidence for future inspections

Healthcare Regulations Compliance

Health Care

Accelerate compliance with FDA and CQC regulations

Engineering Regulations Compliance


Ensure adherence to quality, health and safety regulations across your supply chain

Extensive Project Templates

Launch your ESG Sustainability, Compliance or Strategic projects in minutes by following our best-practice project templates.

Stay ahead of the curve

Save cost, time and effort of keeping on top of constantly changing rules with our growing library of industry regulations.

Flexible & easy to enhance

Easily add, amend or delete tasks using our intuitive, visual, no-code interface.

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Efficiency. Visibility. Results.

Streamline and simplify your strategic goals with our powerful SaaS PMO platform.


Say goodbye to manual processes and paperwork, and embrace automation to track regulatory changes, manage documentation, and ensure your organization's compliance with regulations and  standards.


With our platform, you'll save time, reduce errors, and have peace of mind knowing that your projects and processes are effective and up to date.

  • Define policies and procedures and ensure regulatory adherence.

  • Simplify project management with intuitive tools and templates.

  • Foster collaboration and enhance team productivity.

  • Stay organised with centralised document management.

  • Mitigate compliance risks and protect your firm's reputation

Why teams love Regtick

Seamless Operations

Digital regulations, strategic projects and risk management in a single platform

Instant Value

SaaS-Based self-service sign up means that you are up and running instantly

By Practitioners

Built by practitioners with hands-on experience enabling strategic business transformation

Simple & Intuitive

A completely unique user experience, designed to be clear and visually immersive

Trusted Technology

Secure, cloud based, accessible any where on any device at the point of need

Realtime Reporting

One trusted version of data, globally, for standardised, real-time information

Collaborate seamlessly across teams

Regtick has tailor-made screens, designed to the unique requirements for each member of the team. This means you can maximise productivity with minimal fuss, knowing that everyone is working off, and enhancing, one trusted source of data.
Compliance Managers
Streamline compliance processes, track regulatory changes, manage documentation, and evidence the company's operations adhere to all standards and regulations in real-time. 
Risk Managers
Assess and monitor Risks, track compliance with relevant regulations, and implement risk management strategies to reduce the company's exposure.
Legal Counsel
Stay up-to-date with changing regulations, managing legal documents, conducting audits, and sharing guidance across firms.
Sustainability Managers
Set ESG goals and  performance metrics. Track progress, and generate reports for stakeholders.
C-Suite and Board Members
Make informed decisions based on real-time data, dashboards, and reports, in line with good Governance principles.
Auditors & Inspectors
Streamline the auditing process, provide access to relevant documentation, and ensure transparency and accuracy in compliance reporting.

Regtick’s innovative technology enabled us to reimagine compliance operations with lower running costs, higher control, and unrivalled collaboration for our team.
This is the compliance model of the future.

The power of one platform

Regtick has all the tools you need to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks more efficiently and elevate your firm's productivity. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Central Governance Risk and Compliance GRC platform

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