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Don't put a spanner in the works - use Regtick's simple and intuitive compliance solution

Engineering & Manufacturing

Regulations and Rules. Rethought.

Our intuitive and simple to use technology provides a go-to hub for all your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks. With our pre-packaged workflows, you can take all the guess-work out of your Compliance activity and start adding immediate value to your organisation.

Why Regtick?

For manufacturing, construction and engineering firms that want a simpler solution to complying with regulations.


Regtick is a highly visual and collaborative Software as a Service which simplifies, coordinates and automates your path to compliance.


Unlike alternative solutions, Regtick has been built from the ground-up, so that everyone has the tools they need to deliver on their compliance obligations.

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Regulatory Library

Choose a template from our growing library of regulations to get started quickly

Best Practice

Embedded project controls to keep your budget and time on track

Collaborate on Tasks

Set up 'pipelines' of work and have a single view  across internal and external teams

Pre populated Templates

Instantly map project objectives into structured work-plans and easily assign across your teams. 

Risk Management

Track your Risks and Controls in a central Dashboard

Record the Process

Create an auditable timeline of every step you take - automatically

Regtick’s innovative technology enabled us to reimagine compliance operations with lower running costs, higher control, and unrivalled collaboration for our team.
This is the compliance model of the future.

Regulatory Library.png

Our growing library of Engineering & Manufacturing regulations

We are constantly adding to our library of regulations. We take each regulation and map it into a top-down set of tasks that we populate into Regtick.




All templates come pre-packaged in the Regtick platform, so you can start adding value immediately.

The power of one platform

Regtick has all the tools you need to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks more efficiently and elevate your firm's productivity. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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