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Access new markets with the Regtick Ecosystem

Partner Programme

Regtick’s Partner Program is a growing network of technology and consultancy experts who use the Regtick SaaS platform to grow their business.

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Who is the Partner Program for?

The Solutions Partner Program is suited to consultancies, agencies and other resellers that want to leverage the Regtick technology to deepen and broaden their customer offerings.


Help firms understand, map, comply and leverage new opportunities brought about through regulatory changes such as ESG

Staff Providers

For firms that provide Legal, Operations, Financial Crime, Risk Management, Compliance, Programme Management. Finance, Tax, Data, Cyber Management skills and resources on demand

Auditors and Assessors

Simplify and automate the independent check of a firm's compliance with regulations - reducing the cost and effort to you and your client.

Enterprise Software Solutions 

Ensure your customers have a painless implementation or upgrade of your software by ensuring they collaborate and follow your best practice workflows.

With many years of experience leading large scale, complex regulatory programmes of change, we have built this knowledge into the platform so that it can be applied straight out of the box.

Along with a wealth of tools and resources, we help you to learn, evolve and succeed in securing new market opportunities.

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Why partner with Regtick?

Close deals with a compelling and differentiating sales story

To drive and accelerate sales, you need a sales story that resonates with your customers, is relevant to their industry and matches the solution options they are exploring. Access our growing library of expert materials to help you hit the mark

Broaden your market reach with Regtick

We want your business to grow. Through our platform, you can easily scale and monetise your regulatory content and knowledge across new markets. We help you promote your insights and attract potential clients. We can tailor marketing materials and promotional content to help you demonstrate your expertise.

Connect with Regtick experts and like-minded partners

In our growing partner community, you can network, explore synergies and potential collaborations. Share experiences and gain insights across regulatory jurisdictions to be ahead of the regulatory agenda in your home market.

Reduce costs and improve efficiencies

Streamline processes and automate tasks, freeing up time to focus on high-value work. At the same time, save on the costs associated with building and maintaining your own compliance systems, helping to increase profitability and competitiveness.

Improve communication and transparency with clients

Enable more efficient and effective communication and help to build stronger relationships with your clients. Our secure, cloud based approach means that you can share progress in real-time, improving trust and transparency with every step.

The power of one platform

Regtick has all the tools you need to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks more efficiently and elevate your firm's productivity. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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