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ESG Express

 Fast track your ESG program with Regtick's out-of-the-box solution.

Regtick ESG Express

ESG Express is an easy-to-follow 4-week programme, designed by experts to get your ESG Strategy up and running or back on track.


Health Check

Assess your current program and identify key gaps

You Get

A clear, visual report of all your ESG readiness compared against recommended best-practice. 


Risk Assessment

Identify your ESG Risks and capture within a Risk Register

You Get

An in-depth register of your Physical and Transitional ESG Risks, with clear materiality and mitigation steps.



Set out your ESG programme structure to deliver on your goals

You Get

A defined Program Management structure which aligns every task within your ESG Vision, all displayed in a visual dashboard.



Invite your team, assign key tasks and produce your first management report

You Get

Your first Management Report based on real-time data, highlighting the current status across your entire ESG Program.

The ESG Express framework is built within Regtick, so you can get started immediately, with no tie-ins, using our 1-month Free Trial. When you complete the Express process, you will have everything you need to manage your ESG program within Regtick.

Who is ESG Express designed for?

The ESG Express process is perfect for teams who want to:

Get up and running immediately, for free, with no commitment

Browse and select from a pre-populated register of ESG Risks

Create a unified ESG Vision and bring teams together to deliver

Run an independent check of their ESG status against best practice, with a list of key gaps to address 

Automate the production of management reports, based on real-time data

Share ESG progress across the organisation and inspire people to take part

Why Regtick?

Regtick comes with pre-packaged ESG project plans so that you can get started quickly on your ESG goals, knowing that you are following a trusted approach.


Our SaaS-based platform means that you can be up and running in minutes, not months. We are cloud based and global, so you can bring your distributed teams together to collaborate on your ESG Vision. 

Whether you're a large corporation or a small start-up, Regtick ESG Express is the perfect solution to simplify your path to ESG compliance.

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ESG Management Dashboard2.png

ESG Library

Choose a template from our growing library of ESG regulations to get started quickly

Best Practice

Embedded project controls to keep your budget and time on track

Collaborate on Tasks

Set up 'pipelines' of work and have a single view  across internal and external teams

Pre populated Templates

Instantly map ESG objectives into structured work-plans and easily assign across your teams. 

Risk Management

Track your Physical and Transition Risks in a central Dashboard

Record the Process

Create an auditable timeline of every step you take - automatically

Don't let your ESG program go 'off the rails'. Keep your strategy on-track with our easy to manage ESG templates. Streamline and structure the way you work with Regtick's award-winning platform.

Regulatory Library.png

Our growing library of ESG regulations

We are constantly adding to our library of ESG regulations. We take each regulation and map it into a top-down set of tasks that we populate into Regtick.

Some of our key templates include:

  • TCFD - Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures

  • UNSDGs - UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • UNEP - Principles for Responsible Banking

  • UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance


  • ISO 14001

All templates come pre-packaged in the Regtick platform, so you can commence your ESG programme with confidence.

The power of one platform

Regtick has all the tools you need to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks more efficiently and elevate your firm's productivity. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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