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You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

September 30, 2022

Neon sign saying do something Great
Do Something Great

It turns out that I'm not the only one starting a new role recently. For those of you who haven't heard we have a new Prime Minister and Chancellor here in the UK. For those of you who haven't heard, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have had rocky first few days in office – resulting in the IMF ‘commenting’, and the Bank of England intervening in a swift and dramatic move to stabilise the UK economy.

When someone joins a team in a leadership role or is promoted from within to a much more outwardly-visible role, there is often an accompanying organisation-wide expectation that the new leader can steady the ship, resolve the issues of the past that gave rise to their appointment, and pave a new way forward.

Goodwill to ‘newbies’ from staff, customers and other stakeholders is a bit like brownie points – it’s an intangible currency that takes a long time to build up, but can be exhausted very quickly!

For this reason, it is especially important that leaders in a new role have a clear vision, mission and strategy that motivates and inspires through the breadth and depth of the organisation. Get it right, and you can bring the momentum of everyone with you. Get it wrong and you can be struggling to win back the engagement of your team from the very start.

Talking of engagement – I also read a Thomson Reuters article this week that a June 2022 Gallup poll reveals only 14% of employees in Europe feel engaged at work. Fourteen per cent! That’s one in seven!

On top of this, the skills shortage following the Covid pandemic makes it an increasingly important time to give your staff who are in a leadership role, the tools and the support that they need to be successful role models.

Implementing enterprise-wide initiatives like ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Consumer Duty (UK) or Consumer Protection (UAE), are critical opportunities to set the bar on how to deliver and embed new ways of working. Get this right and you can model the way (and provide the confidence and assurance) for further strategic objectives to be strived for and implemented successfully.

That’s where Regtick comes in.

Regtick combines the experience of many successful years of implementing complex, enterprise-wide regulatory and digital transformation programmes into a visual and intuitive SaaS platform - to create a simple, clear path to follow. Our out-of-the-box templates and workflows mean that people in leadership roles can unite and engage teams around a single vision, quickly get teams up and running, deliver value early to secure confidence and momentum, and eliminate the burden of menial tasks through our automated ‘accelerators’ – therefore re-building engagement and purpose across internal and external teams.

Our embedded chat and collaboration tools enable distributed teams to come together to solve complex challenges, all the while building out a knowledge base and pathway for the wider team to learn from.

Motivation is a powerful driving force to create that initial momentum many people seek from their new leadership team. Here’s a short video to inspire you on how to motivate your team. Now - tell me you feel inspired after watching that!

Do something great.

If you are new to your leadership role, get in touch to find out more about Regtick’s proven track record and how we can help you get started on the right path and empower and inspire your organisation to come with you as you solve the grand challenges of tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes,


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