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Be a part of a growing team with big visions. We want you to bring your ideas to the table and in return, we will give you the growth and support you need.

As a high-growth SaaS, we believe in lean and agile so collaboration, communication and experimentation is key. As a small team, we have a collaborative, fun, trustworthy mindset which means ‘coming to work’ isn’t a drag - its somewhere you feel you have the freedom to flourish

We have a clear vision and ambition to provide the #SimpleClearPathToCompliance, freeing up the regulatory burden so that organisations can get on with what they do best - delivering the grand challenges of tomorrow.

We Help

We help protect people’s long-term savings, investments and pensions - helping organisations comply with complex regulations, which in turn ensure the health and resilience of the global financial system

We're Green

We help create a net-zero economy - helping organisations comply with ambitious regulatory goals to reduce Environmental impact, improve Social diversity and inclusion.

We're Inquisitive

We help organisations explore new markets, like Web 3.0, the Metaverse, Crypto and Digital Assets, providing the regulatory principles for organisations to follow.

All roles are WFH optional / hybrid to give you flexibility.
Want to join the team?


Senior DevOps Engineer


WFH/Optional Hybrid with Belfast hub

Technical skills include: AWS EC2/Cognito/S3 etc, BitBucket, Config/Secrets Mgmt, App Monitoring, Clustering, API Gateways, CQA, DevOps, NGNIX, Linux, Messaging

Senior Front End Developer


WFH/Optional Hybrid with Belfast hub

Key technical skills include: Angular, Jasmine, Karma, TS/JS, Babel, Webpack, HTML, JSON, SVG, Charting, FE Analytics

Senior Back End Developer


WFH/Optional Hybrid with Belfast hub

Key technical skills include: Java, Spring Boot, RESTful APIs, OAuth2, HTTP, Hibernate, JPA, PostgreSQL, Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ/AMQP, Maven, AOP (AspectJ), Non-blocking IO, JUnit, Git, BitBucket

We will soon be hiring junior developers with the ambition to ’step up’ to a new challenge - if that’s you, then we are keen to hear from you too! Simply email with your CV.



If you have any further questions about the positions or about RegTick, please email

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