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One platform to manage your compliance

Transform the way you operate with a single platform for regulations-tracking and task management. Move faster and take your compliance to the next level with all your tasks, risks and data in one place.


Our intuitive and simple to use technology provides a go-to hub for all your Governance, Risk and Compliance tasks. With our pre-packaged workflows, you can take all the guess-work out of your Compliance activity and start adding immediate value to your organisation.

Regulations. Rules. Rethought.


Help your firm harness new opportunities and empower your customers in a shared ecosystem, whilst complying with the Open Banking Standards


Coordinate your firm's adoption of new Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II) standards across all global regions


Ensure a coordinated approach to your firm's Legal and Compliance decisions, Policy and Standards in this rapidly evolving industry

"Making the simple complicated - that's commonplace;
Making the complex simple, awesomely simple... that's creativity"

Charles Mingus (1922-79)


Save cost, time and effort of keeping on top of constantly changing rules with our growing library of industry regulations.

Startup or scale-up?

Expanding to a new country or customer segment? Easily check what the compliance rules are and make informed business decisions.

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